Saturday, 12 January 2013

Unit 3: Story Telling & Commission

Fifth idea: The beast 

A city ruled by many gods. One day the gods felt that the humans are losing faith and contact in them. The god needed to teach the humans a lesson.

The gods sent a beast disguised as an animal form maybe a wolf at daylight in a zoo but transforms into an unstoppable creature, maybe a Mole Cerberus at night, hunting at night killing serial humans with flames. They sent this beast to do damage and cause chaos to the world hoping that the humans will cry for help to the gods once more.

As the police force noticed that they couldn't handle the size and he movement of this beast - they decided to create a weapon that shoots out glue, as big as a rocket launcher only that when it explodes it explodes glue and stick things.

This weapon was used against the beast, trapping it still in a spot giving the police force an opportunity to opening fire at the beast, killing it.

The gods then realise the humans have grown smarter that what they created. It was time for the gods themselves to fall from the heaves and land on earth.


  1. Hi George,

    I like your story, but have you considered something simpler? This sounds action packed and intense which is good, but have you thought of another genre? It could be a comedy? Romantic? Something other than horror and crime.
    The serial killer could be a really cute little kid that likes to have fun in killing people at the zoo? Like Stewie in Family Guy.
    The Gods, in this story, are a bit forthcoming and it makes it as though they are the main character.

    Keep it going, though! :)

  2. i agree with Victoria, George. simplify it a bit more, you'd be surprised how much more compelling your story will be if you calm it down a little. also, keep in mind that this is for a two minute story, so don't over complicate things, just find a single compelling aspect and really sell it to the audience. (i'm sure you're getting tired of people constantly telling you "change this!", "this could be better" etc, but trust me, get your story right and everything else will fall into place)

  3. everyone is right, George - you're complicating everything too much for a one minute story - you're not making a 2 hour movie after all - go back to basics...