Saturday, 28 December 2013

Character Design: Sidekick Designs

The Sidekick in the story plays the role of helping the hero, setting up his weapons and as the hero sets out to find tools, he brings them back to the sidekick which he then combines all the tools together to create a special weapon for the hero.
From early designs, I and Justin came to a conclusion that the sidekick would be a turtle. early designs made the sidekick look muscular which didn't suit the role of which the turtle is playing.

Since the turtle will be creative and creating thing, i made him look geeky with glasses and giving him  the goofy look. also went on trying other look making him look cool smart.

This designs shows him with an engineering hat and goggles for which he wears when he gets to work. I drew different head shapes to suit the personality of the character, the turtle is one to be cocky, he knows all and well creative but when it comes to fight he's the type to pretend like he knows how to fight but actually couldn't. Number 3 looks like that could be my turtle.  

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Character Design: Hero, Sidekick and Villain Silhouettes

Character Silhouettes Refined.

The villain is a criminal who took over and controls an estate building, having gang members protecting him at the bottom floor whilst he's on the higher floor. His aim is to gather as much group as possible to take over the city. Here I have different silhouette of the villain (bear). 

Here are some prop designs for the villain - because the villain lost his claws on hes left hand, he decided to put together his own made claws using gloves and other sharp object.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Character Design: Hero and Villain costume

since the hero was once in the military before the animal transformation took place, I've looked at costume that could suit both the hero and villain - keeping in mind that its based in an post Apocalyptic world, clothes would look ripped and dirty.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Narrative: Final Animation Playblast

Here we have the Final animation play-blast. The egg used is this scene isn't the final egg animation and was only used for reference to help with the bird animation.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Character Design: Silhouettes

In todays lesson we learnt you strong a silhouette is and how it can hold information on a character with less details of drawing.

Character Design: Character Project

I've started  drawing out what my hero, sidekick and villain could look like. a little conversation with Justin today and he adviced it would be a good idea to make the hero and the villain far different in the sense that either the hero is the Black Panther and the Villain is a Bear, rather than having a Black Panther and a Tiger - seems related.

Character Designs

During the past weeks in our character design lesson we looked at how we could transform an object into a character and also make a male character female.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Character Designs: Story Idea 2

Supernatural & Animal: Just as some humans believe that there is a God, in this world its is believed that the God got angry at the humans and placed a curse, transforming all humans into animals. the transformation into an animals depends on what kind of personality that's human has.

Survival: Due to this transformation they all had to find a way to adapt to they're new body and environment e.g a human fish wouldn't be able to live on earth.

Evil Villain: as years go by there was an evil animal that decided to take the place and rule the city. as once a human this character was a wanted criminal but as the transformation took place this human became a predator sharp claws, huge no other animal could stand up to him or even look at him.

Hero: Before the transformation this character was a trained solider. trained to handle fear, the ways of stealth and combat. this human was transformed maybe into a black cat an animal that can be strong as well as stealthy. this is the character that will fight the villain and bring him down in order to retain peace.

Sidekick: For the sidekick I was thinking it could be something smart, knows its way around and also about to handle itself in a fight. I was thinking maybe a dog with geeky glasses or mouse.

Head Modelling: Hair, eye brows and eyes