Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Character Designs: Story Idea 2

Supernatural & Animal: Just as some humans believe that there is a God, in this world its is believed that the God got angry at the humans and placed a curse, transforming all humans into animals. the transformation into an animals depends on what kind of personality that's human has.

Survival: Due to this transformation they all had to find a way to adapt to they're new body and environment e.g a human fish wouldn't be able to live on earth.

Evil Villain: as years go by there was an evil animal that decided to take the place and rule the city. as once a human this character was a wanted criminal but as the transformation took place this human became a predator sharp claws, huge no other animal could stand up to him or even look at him.

Hero: Before the transformation this character was a trained solider. trained to handle fear, the ways of stealth and combat. this human was transformed maybe into a black cat an animal that can be strong as well as stealthy. this is the character that will fight the villain and bring him down in order to retain peace.

Sidekick: For the sidekick I was thinking it could be something smart, knows its way around and also about to handle itself in a fight. I was thinking maybe a dog with geeky glasses or mouse.

Head Modelling: Hair, eye brows and eyes

Friday, 18 October 2013

Character design: Story Idea

For the character Design Project, I was given; Animal and Supernatural and my theme was Survival.

As soon as the theme and genre were handed to me, my initial thought for the was; in a would where animals are human like (Anthropomorphic). There are two special kinds of animals in that world and they both have superpowers,. A villain who has the power to shoot fire from he's hands and who wants to be in control, to have power and take over the world. However there's a hero with confidence, courage and also has the power to shoo ice from he's hands.

The Survival aspect comes in with the villain placing a bounty on the hero, whoever kills the hero would have a decent amount of money or bring him alive and they will get a double amount of cash. The hero would have to survive gangs coming after him and would also have to be careful of getting assassinated.

For the hero character I was thinking he could be a fox, something flexible and knows it way at night. Character inspired from a game called sly copper and The avatar. I like the drawing style because its not too kids like nor realistic, its the right set for the age range which I'm going for, 9 and above.

I also thought maybe the villain could be a scorpion who is quite athletic, well-shaped with a bit of muscles, big chest. these characters will look more anthropomorphic and from the same world.

As for the sidekick I'm not sure what it could be as of yet but I was thinking it could be an Ant or Fly that's smart.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Narrative: Charcater Concept 2

After having a mini one on one with Alan today I was advised that the first concept character (Left) looked evil, predator like but actually what we wanted was a more new birth friendly like creature. taking the lesson from the character design class, rather than having lots of triangular shapes I've added more circular shapes to the character (right) making it more friendly and welcoming.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Narrative: Character concept

Coming up with a character that's different but yet resembles Leonardo Da Vinci's invention ( Ornithopter ) was interesting. after the researches and sketches of characters, we finally came to conclusion of the chosen bird. Here Is the chosen character - the first concept of the bird. This isn't the final figure as the group is still coming out with more ideas that could tweak the character e.g. wings, inner mechanism.

Character Design Exercise

In this weeks exercise for the character design project, we learnt the different shapes that could define a character. we learnt that there are three types of shapes which are circle, square and triangles.
Circle is a shape used in drawing for friendly characters, used to show weight. Squares shapes in a character shows that the character has strength, confidence, balance. this shape is mostly used in heroic characters. Triangular shapes are uses in villain's, to show that's a character is evil, harmful and sharp with balance.
with the exercise I draw batman. I turned batman from what seems to be squares and triangles on the right  to more of a square and circle shape on the left, making him look more friendly. 
Avatar The Last Air Bender is a cartoon aimed at teens. Even as simplified as the character was I took it from the level it was and simplified it even more taking out all the details but still keeping the pose. 

Monday, 14 October 2013

Narrative: Nest Painting

Here I've done a painting of how I imagined the bird nest could look like.  The second image has a sepia effect over it, this is an effect we're going to use during the animation as it gives equal look of how Da Vinci's drawings were during that time.

Narrative: Anatomy Reasearch

Monday, 7 October 2013

Renaissance: Character Ideas

Here I've drawn out couple of ideas visualizing how the character could look. we wanted the bird to be mechanic whilst still keeping to the time period that was given to us.