Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Adaptaion A: Animation Progress

A short preview of where I'm up to with my animation info graphic. After my tutorial earlier on today, some changes would have to be made to the animation - first scene and introduction. since my info graphic is going to be cartoon like I would need to focus on the colour scheme and picking a suitable font. Staging the text would play a huge role in my animation (placing and size of the text).

Monday, 20 January 2014

Adaptation Part A: Text Animation Test

I've been thinking about which software would be easier and quicker for me to use whilst creating my info graphic. Here I used Flash Cs5 which is easy to use but it took quite a while for me to complete this short text animation :(

Friday, 17 January 2014

Pipeline 2: Game Modelling

Modelling Part 1 - Low Resolution

Modelling Part2 - UV Layout

Modelling Part 3: High Resolution

Pipeline 2: Normals & Occ Maps

Map Part 2: Rope Normal Maps

Maps Part 3: Ambient Occlusion Maps

Map Part 4/5: Diffuse & Normal Map - Stone Base

Map Part 6: Diffuse Maps - Stone Pillars

Map Part 7: Diffuse Maps - Rope

Map Part 8: Diffuse Map - Wood & Metal

Map Part 9: Diffuse Maps - Fabric Flag

Map Part 10: Normal Maps Using XNormals & Photoshop

Maps Part 11: Using View port 2.0 as Development and Rendering

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Adaptation Part A: Refining the process list

Today I asked a couple of my friends, uni students the crazy things they've done during uni. this info graphic will cover the lif cycle of how an innocent fresher turns naughty/corrupted during the process of they're first year. 2nd year they start realising that university is getting serious, then they stop and fix up for 3rd year becoming innocent again and graduate successfully.

- Start Uni, getting to know your flatmates.
- Early for the frist day of lecture but on the second day - late.
- Go out clubbing first time you ever got drunk.
- Handing in essays 3days before *Impossible*
- Dressing up a Jesus in a bed sheet
- Getting drunk in a foam party, leaving all your things, stumbled down the road. A random stranger wanted to drop you home *NO*, Police drove past and dropped you home.
- So drunk you decided to try opening your flat with someone else flat keys.
- Going to an Halloween party  looking like got with a girl out on her coloured month even though even though you were meant to look like a vampire.
- leaving a project to the last minute
- wheeled home in a shopping trolley whilst drunk cause too drunk to walk.
- finally having an house party and a student kicks off the fire extinguisher in the house.
- leaving a deposit of liquid in her mouth as she smiles.
- looking back at the fun times.
- focusing of 3rd year
- handing is essays late.
- finishing project
- graduate.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Adaptation Part A: Research

whilst doing some research and thinking about my info graphic, I've decided that it would be more interesting and fun if it was comedic as it is a cycle based about university. The Audience for this animation would be the group from 17 and above as it will cover mature content.
The video below shows a bit of a student life at university, how its presented and made it funny. 
I like the style of the first couple of seconds in this info graphic, the character that I was thinking of was exactly what was used and animated in this animation, basic stick character. I also loved the use 2D, how it was in combination with After Effects also how they stylised certain words and the layout.

Mudbox Lesson: 1/14/2014

In Mudbox lesson we started by getting use to the interface and hot keys, later on sculpting  and playing with colors, textures.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Adaption: Video Info graphic idea (updated)

Life cycle Of A






An IPhone