Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Unit 3: Story Telling and Commission (Third Idea)

More story ideas...NOT IN DETAIL!!

Third Idea - A family of three. Mother, father and son always working as a team to kill.
                    Objective: kill humans and animals and use they're parts to comeplete the prefect meal.

The mother and father and highly skilful in killing humans and animals but then there's the outcast, a boy whos of age 7 and always messes up and gets in the way of killing. He's job is to use the Glue 1020 weapon to stop they're prey or victim from running.

A special animal is needed to complete the perfect meal and this based in the zoo because its one of its kind.

sneak in the zoo and get in its cage.

Finds the animal in its cage not knowing that this animal is big and scary.

The family goes in for capture. Boy shoots at the animal wiht he's eyes closed and misses the animal and sticking hes parents to the cage.

Alarm goes off.

the huge beast goes to attack the boy, the beats breaks the glue 1020 weapon leaving him opened and ungaurded.

zoo keeper comes to the rescue and controls the beast back to its normal self.

with no weapons, parents being stuck to the wall and the little boy off gaurd - the family gets arrested. Entering the police van the scene ends with the camera foucing on a mini glue stick which the father hid in he's hands then moving over to the family giving and evil smil to the camera.


  1. I love the direction this is going, the point when the kid looses control of the gun has a lot of comical potential, maybe a little bit more could be done at the ending, something that links the beginning to the end somehow. Out of the three ideas you've posted so far this has the most potential, working on the beginning and the ending could do a lot for what you have going on here

  2. Thanks Kinbi i will come up with something for the ending.

  3. Hey George,

    Okay yes - but I think the 'family of 3' is a complication in a 1 min animation you probably don't need. So, the stuff I like; the serial killer who is using superglue to create a chimera (research 'chimera'). There is an obvious 'Dr Frankenstein' vibe going on here, so maybe you can move your story into the horror genre in a more 'Frankenweenie' style - more broadly comedic and stylised. I think you need to give some thought to the motive of your serial killer - what is driving him/her/it to create this hybrid of animal body parts? What is his ultimate goal. If you look at a lot of gods and deities, they are often part human, part animal, so maybe the serial killer is combining the body-parts of humans and animals to create the ultimate god? I don't think just eating the animal parts is strong enough as a goal, because why not just eat steak? :) So research Chimeras - composite creatures in history and folk-lore, and see if it can help you focus your story idea still further.