Thursday, 10 January 2013

Unit 3: Story Telling and Commission - Fourth Idea

Fourth Idea..

Goal: Take over the city by creating a poweful beast (minion) thats would stand and fight with him.

This beast will be unique with different skins e.g it might have a turtle shell that could deflect bullets. This beast will be made in form of different things - snakehead as its tall, bats ears, silver back with a huge turtle shell, elephants legs, human eyes or shark teeths.

Scene starts with a van at night curising through with a young lady walking.
killer drives past a wall with a poster saying "Most WANTED" with he's face on it.

The killer spots a young lady - stops - captures her, shot the glue gun at her mouth and eyes, kills her and tales her home for decapitation.

whilst gluing bodies together, he has a checklist and the next one needed to complete this beast is to kill a special animal which is based in a zoo as it is the only one of its kind - kill it and take its heart. Whats special about this heart is - it never stops beating.

seanks in the zoo, shoots gaurds with the glue gun in the face slwoly taking them out from them not being able to breath. finds the animal sleeping and cuts it open taking its heart out.


gets back to hes lair with the heart still pounding in he's hands, plugs the hears in the beast and glues it up - the heart pounds inside.

waiting in happyness.

the last on the list was 'Take over ther city' - scene ends with the beast opening its eye.


  1. hey george, you've got some interesting ideas here, although have you thought about maybe treating the one of the animals as the serial killer? there are various animals that kill repeatedly, victim after victim, in the same sense as a human serial killer would.
    you could have a story set in an anthropomorphic world. for example, various animals in the zoo are being killed off, from cage to cage, and it is down to one of the animals to act as a detective, track down and stop the killer (stopping them in their tracks with superglue, perhaps). it may even turn out that the serial killer is in fact a human being, a vivisectionist or poacher, and although the true identity of the killer is hidden until the final act.
    in short, i think you should explore your three elements a little more intricately, reinterpret their meanings and discover some combinations that are more unexpected, which will ultimately provide you with a more interesting story.
    keep the ideas coming, george!

    1. Thanks for your idea Steven, i did think of an animal being the killer but wasnt sure if would work. I'll come up with a story of an animal being the killer and see how that turns out. Thanks again :)