Saturday, 26 January 2013

Unit 3: Story telling and Commission

Short Back story: Nathan was a glue factory worker

Hobby: Loves creating puppets

He's creating a special puppet made of a titanium and needs a stronger glue to stick its parts together.

he starts by killing medium animals like monkeys, turtles etc from the local zoo using their tissues to create glue - this will be shown through the news saying animals have been going missing from the local zoo..( having a a close up shot of the TV the a jump cut to the character face with an evil smile of obsession).

he noticed the glue isn't still as strong so he decides to go for a bigger animal perhaps a chimera or so.

sneaks in the zoo by climbing over with a ladder, made it inside then gets surrounded by wolves, tigers or Chimera

last scene shows hes skull being licked by the animal or his bones being juggled by a monkey.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Like for Like Storyboard : Megamind

For this storyboard i chose the final fight scene in Megamind. I started the storyboard from when Megamind was falling from the sky after being thrown by Titan.

YouTube Link:
Duration: 2:56 - 3:07
*Some bits of the scene has been edited out in the you-tube video*

Friday, 18 January 2013

Unit 3: Story Telling and Commission: Story combination

Combination of fifth and sixth

A man worked at a factory manufacturing horse to glue. A night he took of he's mask before entering the safe zone and smelt the glue, he got high instantly and got addicted to smelling glue.

This affected he's brain and turned him crazy as he wanted more and more glue to sniff. He then decided to create an animal that would automatically produce glue into the atmosphere-perhaps when the animal farts he sniffs it, it even more stronger and then.

He's goal is to go to a zoo, kill animals, cut their limbs back home sticking them together to create a custom animal that produces glue to the atmosphere in he's house. 

He succeeds in creating this creature and brought it to life. At that same moment the police broke in and shot the animal dead and got him arrested this is because he was seen on the security cam at the zoo.

He got arrested and giving a mental name 'the stick stink prick'

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Unit 3: Story Telling and Commission

sixth Idea...

There was an average Joe who worked at a glue factory manufacturing horses to glue. he was a production manager... but one night he took his mask off before entering a safe zone and smelt the glue. he got high instantly. he loved it so much he broke his mask and would get high everyday, this was his first and last mistake because eventually something in his head snapped and altered his thinking turning him crazy but he was one of those who had a collected spirit so he was cal in his madness.

he did hate where he worked so this became his M.O. to break free of the rules that held him to his job so in this mind state that he'd collected he ended up burning every barn within a 3 mile radius and slept peacefully.

The next day he woke up and this was all over the news... on his phone were a bevy of missed calls from his work place he called them up just to see what they wanted, they wondered why he was missing from work he still needed to go in as there were still horses to process and all the dead ones came to them, something about recycling. so there was major backstroke he ended up thinking what will happen when they finish with all these horses.

he came to the conclusion that there were still animals around... the local zoo has animals so in his warped mind state he thought of this as the obvious choice to hit next but this time he broke in rounded up all the animals got them into his truck and drove all the way to the coast and drowned them, dropping  them from a cliff making sure that they wouldn't be found.

but there are obvious security cams in the zoo so they i.d. him got to his apartment and admitted it and told them all the animals were drowned in the ocean. they booked him and when it came to trial they declared him mentally unfit and put him in an asylum as "the pritt stick prick" that is what they call him.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Maya Toolkit: Rules of Digital Pre-Visualisation

Camera Part 3 - Roll Shot
Camera Part 4 - Pitch Shot
Camera Part 5 - Dolly Shot
Camera Part 6 - Crane Shot
 Camera Part 9 - Camera Shake
Camera Part 10 - Contra-Zoom 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Maya Toolkit: The Principles of Digital Animation

Anticipation &Follow-through: Can Snatch

The Bouncing Ball Part 1: On the Spot

The Bouncing Ball Part 2: With Travel & Rotation

Secondary Action & Overlap: Hanging Chain

Settle & Rest: Pendulum

Squash & Stretch: Jumping

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Unit 3: Story Telling & Commission

Fifth idea: The beast 

A city ruled by many gods. One day the gods felt that the humans are losing faith and contact in them. The god needed to teach the humans a lesson.

The gods sent a beast disguised as an animal form maybe a wolf at daylight in a zoo but transforms into an unstoppable creature, maybe a Mole Cerberus at night, hunting at night killing serial humans with flames. They sent this beast to do damage and cause chaos to the world hoping that the humans will cry for help to the gods once more.

As the police force noticed that they couldn't handle the size and he movement of this beast - they decided to create a weapon that shoots out glue, as big as a rocket launcher only that when it explodes it explodes glue and stick things.

This weapon was used against the beast, trapping it still in a spot giving the police force an opportunity to opening fire at the beast, killing it.

The gods then realise the humans have grown smarter that what they created. It was time for the gods themselves to fall from the heaves and land on earth.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Unit 3: Story Telling and Commission - Fourth Idea

Fourth Idea..

Goal: Take over the city by creating a poweful beast (minion) thats would stand and fight with him.

This beast will be unique with different skins e.g it might have a turtle shell that could deflect bullets. This beast will be made in form of different things - snakehead as its tall, bats ears, silver back with a huge turtle shell, elephants legs, human eyes or shark teeths.

Scene starts with a van at night curising through with a young lady walking.
killer drives past a wall with a poster saying "Most WANTED" with he's face on it.

The killer spots a young lady - stops - captures her, shot the glue gun at her mouth and eyes, kills her and tales her home for decapitation.

whilst gluing bodies together, he has a checklist and the next one needed to complete this beast is to kill a special animal which is based in a zoo as it is the only one of its kind - kill it and take its heart. Whats special about this heart is - it never stops beating.

seanks in the zoo, shoots gaurds with the glue gun in the face slwoly taking them out from them not being able to breath. finds the animal sleeping and cuts it open taking its heart out.


gets back to hes lair with the heart still pounding in he's hands, plugs the hears in the beast and glues it up - the heart pounds inside.

waiting in happyness.

the last on the list was 'Take over ther city' - scene ends with the beast opening its eye.

Maya Toolkit: Light Interior

Whimsy Kitchen: Sunset

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Unit 3: Story Telling and Commission (Third Idea)

More story ideas...NOT IN DETAIL!!

Third Idea - A family of three. Mother, father and son always working as a team to kill.
                    Objective: kill humans and animals and use they're parts to comeplete the prefect meal.

The mother and father and highly skilful in killing humans and animals but then there's the outcast, a boy whos of age 7 and always messes up and gets in the way of killing. He's job is to use the Glue 1020 weapon to stop they're prey or victim from running.

A special animal is needed to complete the perfect meal and this based in the zoo because its one of its kind.

sneak in the zoo and get in its cage.

Finds the animal in its cage not knowing that this animal is big and scary.

The family goes in for capture. Boy shoots at the animal wiht he's eyes closed and misses the animal and sticking hes parents to the cage.

Alarm goes off.

the huge beast goes to attack the boy, the beats breaks the glue 1020 weapon leaving him opened and ungaurded.

zoo keeper comes to the rescue and controls the beast back to its normal self.

with no weapons, parents being stuck to the wall and the little boy off gaurd - the family gets arrested. Entering the police van the scene ends with the camera foucing on a mini glue stick which the father hid in he's hands then moving over to the family giving and evil smil to the camera.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Unit 3: Story Telling and Commission

For my story I chose

Character: Serial Killer

Prop: Super Glue

Environment: Zoo

I've been thinking hard on why a serial killer would have business in the zoo with a super glue. I came up with two ideas which are listed below.

First Idea - A young man that loves art and uses living things to create and form things together. He's goal is to kill not only humans at the age 30 - 45 but also to kill one of every species in other to form a masterpiece of art. he does this by sticking them on the wall creating shapes with humans and animals as designs. During these times a particular animal are becoming extinct and he needs to find that specific animal to enable him in completing he's final art work. this animal has been kept for safety in a special zoo as its the only of its kind left in the world.
The objective is to go to the zoo kill the animal and anything that gets in he's way and bring the animal back home before daylight without getting caught.

Second Idea - Based in the future
A man who was a scientist went mental due to overdosed of drugs. This man sees humans as creatures and animals as humans. He isolates himself at home due to the fact that if he goes out he gets paranoid and kills the creatures (humans) in protection of himself even though they don't attack him, sometimes he wonders why they all run when he kills one creature. This great scientist invented a weapon that shoots out superglue instead of bullets in which he uses to stick all the creatures (humans) that tries to run away together then later executes them.

He's next objective was going to the zoo, freeing all the humans (animals) who he thought were cages in by the creatures (humans) in the idea that they would help fight against the creatures, but unfortunately there were really big hungry animals that haven't eaten for years and were set free using the opportunity to kill the scientist and ate every bit of him.

These are the two ideas i came up with and will be thinking of more to come.

Life Drawing (08/01/13)

At life drawing we started with quick poses then went on to long poses which were 20 minute long.
We also had to focused on the feelings and expression of the poses or the character.