Thursday, 31 January 2013

@ Phill: Updated Script and Log-lines


  1. Okay George - you've pretty much wrestled this story into submission, so well done :) I think you need a scene in there with him actually using the puppets? Anyway, move onto storyboarding this out now, because your narrative can be tweaked at this stage too - remember, in the first instance, keep the drawings for the boards nice and loose, so you can ditch them or correct them if necessary. Don't fixate on the drawings - work from the beginning of your story to the end - do it quickly - and then go back and restructure, re-draw, polish etc. where necessary.

  2. oh, and George - get your film reviews completed, polished, perfected and published on here ASAP. There's so much work to do in order to meet the assessment criteria of this unit - and it would be a foolish year one student who underestimates the body of work I'll be anticipating come submission day. It's pretty obvious to me that writing and reading aren't your natural pastimes, but I feel I have to remind you that you're studying a Ba Hons degree, which is characterised by a certain level of reading, writing and thinking; please don't be an ostrich about the stuff you find hard, George; your degree is SUPPOSED to challenge and discomfort you - so, get on with it and don't play favourites when it comes to your weekly tasks; you NEED to get better at writing/reading/critical thinking and - wake-up call - it's never ever going to stop being something that you're asked to do. If you want my advice I'd invest in these opportunities to grow in confidence, because it's clear to me that you lack confidence in this particular area. Do it, George, just do it.