Saturday, 26 January 2013

Unit 3: Story telling and Commission

Short Back story: Nathan was a glue factory worker

Hobby: Loves creating puppets

He's creating a special puppet made of a titanium and needs a stronger glue to stick its parts together.

he starts by killing medium animals like monkeys, turtles etc from the local zoo using their tissues to create glue - this will be shown through the news saying animals have been going missing from the local zoo..( having a a close up shot of the TV the a jump cut to the character face with an evil smile of obsession).

he noticed the glue isn't still as strong so he decides to go for a bigger animal perhaps a chimera or so.

sneaks in the zoo by climbing over with a ladder, made it inside then gets surrounded by wolves, tigers or Chimera

last scene shows hes skull being licked by the animal or his bones being juggled by a monkey.


  1. Hey George,

    Okay - but isn't the logic re. using the tissue from lots of animals to make strong glue a bit contorted and forced? I like the idea of a mad puppet-maker though, but he wouldn't need to work in a glue-factory would he? That's a complication you and your audience doesn't need? So, mad puppet-maker steals animals from zoo - start from there.

  2. Hey George - me again - come on - time for a bit of actual activity on here; let's see a new script '@Phil' on here sharpish; you've got just over three weeks to pre-produce a one minute short; it would be a mistake to underestimate the challenges here; a presentation storyboard, all the concept art, the character sheets, your sound and score - the works. Trust me on this; time is running out if you want to accomplish something resolved and decent. No second division c**p please, George - you're an entertainer - so entertain me.