Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Unit 3: Story Telling and Commission

For my story I chose

Character: Serial Killer

Prop: Super Glue

Environment: Zoo

I've been thinking hard on why a serial killer would have business in the zoo with a super glue. I came up with two ideas which are listed below.

First Idea - A young man that loves art and uses living things to create and form things together. He's goal is to kill not only humans at the age 30 - 45 but also to kill one of every species in other to form a masterpiece of art. he does this by sticking them on the wall creating shapes with humans and animals as designs. During these times a particular animal are becoming extinct and he needs to find that specific animal to enable him in completing he's final art work. this animal has been kept for safety in a special zoo as its the only of its kind left in the world.
The objective is to go to the zoo kill the animal and anything that gets in he's way and bring the animal back home before daylight without getting caught.

Second Idea - Based in the future
A man who was a scientist went mental due to overdosed of drugs. This man sees humans as creatures and animals as humans. He isolates himself at home due to the fact that if he goes out he gets paranoid and kills the creatures (humans) in protection of himself even though they don't attack him, sometimes he wonders why they all run when he kills one creature. This great scientist invented a weapon that shoots out superglue instead of bullets in which he uses to stick all the creatures (humans) that tries to run away together then later executes them.

He's next objective was going to the zoo, freeing all the humans (animals) who he thought were cages in by the creatures (humans) in the idea that they would help fight against the creatures, but unfortunately there were really big hungry animals that haven't eaten for years and were set free using the opportunity to kill the scientist and ate every bit of him.

These are the two ideas i came up with and will be thinking of more to come.

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  1. I like you're second idea, I think a way you could show his past could be little spinets showing him killing humans/animals, as the main animation is happening. I think you should also think of how his confusion of animals and humans could be shown, would we see him save humans? then have them rip him from limb to limb? and then have a reveal at the end that they were in fact wild animals