Friday, 18 January 2013

Unit 3: Story Telling and Commission: Story combination

Combination of fifth and sixth

A man worked at a factory manufacturing horse to glue. A night he took of he's mask before entering the safe zone and smelt the glue, he got high instantly and got addicted to smelling glue.

This affected he's brain and turned him crazy as he wanted more and more glue to sniff. He then decided to create an animal that would automatically produce glue into the atmosphere-perhaps when the animal farts he sniffs it, it even more stronger and then.

He's goal is to go to a zoo, kill animals, cut their limbs back home sticking them together to create a custom animal that produces glue to the atmosphere in he's house. 

He succeeds in creating this creature and brought it to life. At that same moment the police broke in and shot the animal dead and got him arrested this is because he was seen on the security cam at the zoo.

He got arrested and giving a mental name 'the stick stink prick'

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