Friday, 28 September 2012

Space & Environment (Influence Map)


  Influence Map

 After reading The Haunted of the Hill House and done some research it enlarged my idea I got some visuals that the house and everything round the house would be alive. 

In the images below I have put together my influence map which shows how I believe the house and the environment would look like, on the right it shows the environment and how I believe it would look like and on the left shows things like the house, knockers and doors.

Space & Environment (George Nwosisi)

 The Haunting of Hill House

 I have read through The haunting of Hill House book which was about a house being almost alive and whoever stays in the house cant stay for long period of time because the get frightened and move out. The images below shows that I have highlighted the main key quotes that gives me ideas and visuals on how the house would look like.

Friday, 21 September 2012

George Nwosisi ( My animations)

Animation Showreel 

This is my Character animations that I made whilst I was in college. I started animating from towards the end of 2009 till now. I'm more focused in character animation so I would like you to critic work, this would and tell me anything that I could improve on.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Summer Project

Initial Ideas
These are my ideas that I came up with for the life forms. coming up with this ideas I looked at the reference object that I was given my the client and found a way to transform them into living creatures. Here i would be choosing the life form that I like and I would develop it.

Whilst coming up with these ideas I looked at sea creatures and living things that are more based in the jungle.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Summer Project

Project Brief 

In the BA Hon CG Arts and Animation course at University of Creative Arts Rochester, the client has given me a summer project which is to produce 101 concepts drawings using the objects (image below). this image shows that I have to draw concepts of Structures, Life forms and Machines.