Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Minor Project: Brief Ideas

I started thinking about minor brief ideas that could be used in this project. with these ideas I'm not sure if i should make them a years worth of a long project or making till Januarys deadline.

(Idea 1)
the way I'm being influenced and approaching ideas, I'm doing this in a way of using quotes and from looking these quotes i would dive in to project and explore ideas surrounding that particular quote.

this quote is by George brenard Shaw. he says "Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything". the idea that popped to mind from this quote was a situation of an inventor whose mind was consistent in making a particular object in a certain way but keeps getting it wrong, whereas the step to make a change - something different, has always been right in front of him. it could also be an idea of how things that change peoples lives were invented e.g electricity, phones, games etc. maybe this could be about a male
that wants a particular female but has certain ways he approaches rather than taking a different approach.

(Idea Two)

"Life is hard. its even harder when your stupid" - John Wayne. this quote says it all, there is no doubt - whatever ideas this quote holds would have to be funny. The idea i had was having a character do silly things in his life which which would make his shoes tight and uncomfortable to be in. i came up with an idea of a character having to baby sit, not really focusing on the baby ends up tearing the baby ends up messing up the house. the baby sitter on the other hand tries to do things to stop the baby but in this case 'stupid things' e.g
getting groups of monkeys to play with this baby, which doesn't turn out as he/she thought - Stupid.

(Idea three)

"It kills me sometimes, how people die" - Markus Zusaks, The Book Thief's. now! this could go in dual ways. it could be in a way of making the audience feel sad, terrified in ways and how people lose their lives and living their loved once behind to cope (this could be a life cycle) OR 63 ways to die. it could be death in a funny way e.g dying via Singing, zombies, frying pans, fridge, dancing, fart, screaming anything silly
thing that could cause death to the other character. on the 63rd death could be a twist.

(Idea Four)

"Death is Peaceful, Life is  harder" - Stepheine Meyer. an idea that could be about suffering homeless character who had no other way to make it in life but to die. there could be a twist as to when hes about to commit suicide, he finds a winning lotto ticket of 100 million.

(Idea Five) *My Favorite* :)

An idea came to mind 'what could be the most scariest, terrifying thing that could happen to someone in a safe zone, their home' - you allowing a stranger into your home who works for company that checks peoples gas, you not knowing this person is actually a terrorist using this company as a disguise to get into people homes and set a bomb (plot twist ending).

these ideas are not as yet on solid ground.

Friday, 5 September 2014