Friday, 28 February 2014

Adaptation B: Character Design

I started designing my tortoises, coming up with characters with basic shapes but still psychically in form of a tortoises. I've tried different heights and shapes regarding the body. having my tutorial - my tutor liked  Number 4, 12 and 19. They look appealing with huge heads and foot, tiny shell  which  tells that this character would not get far in a race. Also looking at number 15 makes the character quite different and also gives way to a back story on "how did it get stuck in a shoe and why"

As for the faces 3, 9 and 10 looks like the faces for my character as they are cool, cocky and well relaxed.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Adaptation B: Figuring My Charcater

Following the twist of my animation to the dialogue, my character would be the exact opposite of everything that is being said in the dialogue. Since its Usian Bolt (The faster man on earth) is being interviewed, my character would have to be the slowest - visually. To do this I have decided to take on the idea of making my character a tortoise which we all know are pretty slow and sluggish. the challenge is making my character not any other turtle but yet simple and easy to rig and animate. The idea of having some exaggerated parts of the turtle seems appealing, I mean - a tortoise with a HUGE head, skinny neck and tiny legs wouldn't be able to move as quick let alone have the straight to lift its head up. that aside, I was also thinking about mixing slow creatures together to form the ultimate slowest creature like a snail tortoise (a Snailutle ) maybe with Nike shoes on.
Also looking at the color and style of the animation its obvious that its a Jamaican accent, so looking at the green and yellow colors would be preferable to fit my character. The style of my animation would be something like Creature Comfort, since its an interview the setting would also be important in the animation.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Adaption Part B: Dialogue Idea

For my adaptation part B speaking with my tutors and myself have now come to a conclusion of doing an animation to an extracted dialogue from YouTube/interview or films, but the idea is to have a twist as to what the dialogue is about and to what the animation is presenting.
below I've chosen different dialogues of which might be interesting to animate to.

The Interview
Here's an Interview of Usain Bolt that i edited and cut short, picked bits to make him sound cocky and knowing that his the best and fastest. As for the animation I was thinking of having a snail being interviewed but rather than showing the interviewer the facial and body expressions will show that there is someone talking to to the snail and also having the snail looking at the audience from time. and the little joke is that we all know snails are slow but then a snail expressing that "He's the fastest" but we all know that's false.

Eating all the Food
Listening to this Dialogue i had an idea of to bins talking to each other, one being a recycle bin and the other eating all the food is the food bin. 

Your Fired

I Have a Gun

As for the rest of these dialogues i believe that they have a potential of being a funny animation e.g 'Your Fired' could be two books talking or an ice cube holding a lit match stick pointing and waving around which then melts him in the end, Other than that The Interview seems strong to me but feel free to leave a comment/idea.