Saturday, 16 February 2013

Storytelling: Animatic

I've started my animatics and almost finished just need to include couple of more sound effects, but ive uploaded this to show how its looking like and hopefuly i'll get feedback on what to improve.


  1. I really like the moment when the guy is taking the ladder out from his van. The silence is building the suspence really well!

    I think you should have some kind of stronger music in the beginning, simply to show that this is the main character's way of living (think about Reservoir Dogs - there was a really catchy music when one of the men was torturing the cop), and he is so used to that that he doesn't even care that what he does might seem really disgusting for someone else.

    Also, I think the ending needs more sounds because now it feels not dynamic enough.

    Apaert from that it's really looking cool! Great job and I can't wait to see the final version : D

    1. thanks Samantha, i wasnt in on the day you watched Reservoir Dogs but ill look it up and work on it, thanks :) xx

  2. Hey George, I've a quick look and my first impression is that this simply not filmic enough in terms of sound; you need a much more complex sound mix to include score and more sound effects. This is a serial killer movie (at least to begin with) so you need to ensure that the sound world pushes this feeling from the beginning. More showmanship!