Thursday, 7 February 2013

Story Telling and Commission: Character Sheet

Okay - I'm getting to know Nathan but not sure what he could wear, hmmm!!


  1. time to look at some real world reference, George; he's getting a bit fantasy pirate. When/where is your story happening? UK? USA? Is it now, is it the 1950s, the 1970s? It's all a bit generic and 'nowheresville' - which is why you're struggling to know more about Nathan (and you'll struggle with some of the other bits as well if you don't establish a visual concept to drive your production design). Time to drill down into the world of your story, George - time to go back to the real world for some ideas and inspiration.

    1. Thanks Phill, My Story is based in modern time and after seeing this and looking at puppeteers they all seems to wear suits so I'm not sure whether to give Nathan suit cause i wasnt really sure about these outfits myself.