Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Story Telling and Commision: Nathan Character sheets

I drew out couple of faces for my serial killer but not sure which looks like he creates Puppets and also kills animals. I thought of number seven.
which do you think looks like he comitted the crime?


  1. number 7 is striking, but looks a little too much like a super-villain in a comic-strip - which may - or may not be a problem! He looks a bit too charismatic to be a reclusive puppet maker nutjob... number 3 looks promising - dead-eyed and a bit ordinary...

  2. Yes, number 3 or number 8 for me!

  3. I like 2, I can imagine him as a red head, the glasses are almost like he's hiding his true self, there's something sinister about that....for some reason