Monday, 19 November 2012

Secret Lair: Thumbnails 20 - 28

After my feedback from my tutor 'Phill' in relation to my OCR, I developed more ideas that would be suitable for my character. In these thumbnails I have moved away from rather having toony friendly environment and more into gory and bloody which suits my cannibal.
Now that I've made new thumbnails I'm having difficulty picking the best scene to model or which scene is suitable for my character who is a cannibal.


  1. I like number 27 in terms of space and layering

  2. I'm drawn more to 28, it's a good use of space and it seems as thought you've put a bit more thought into the concept in that image. :)
    Perhaps work on perspective a bit more? it should give the scene a better sense of realism

    1. yeah thanks Katy I see what your going on about, I'll add the perspective of 20 with 27 hopefully that should do the trick :)