Monday, 26 November 2012

Secret Lair: Modelling

Halfway through modelling my scene I modelled the chains and the ice walls in the background but couldn't figure out the right camera angle which would make my scene more interesting and scary to the audience. 

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  1. Hey George - great to see you powering into the modelling stage - just inject a bit of disorder and non-symmetry into this space - for example, all your hooks are facing the same direction and hanging the exact same way - and think about too just making alterations to them to express wear and tear - the same is true of your floor ice spikes - different heights, thicknessnes, groupings of them, and also think about the way in which your forms meet the floor plane. Onwards, George, onwards! And - although this is a way off yet - I want you to think really creatively about your lighting of this scene - accent colours, bold choices - think 'Black Narcissus'! (minus the mad nuns, obviously).