Friday, 16 November 2012

Online Green Light Review: Secret Lair

Secert Lair


  1. OGR 17/11/2012

    Evening George,

    Your Hyperborean cannibal sounds like a particularly nasty piece of work! I think you're onto something with the 'body parts in ice' idea - and I think it could lend a really chilling and gruesome quality to your lair; have you looked at imagery of meat lockers? I'm thinking your cannibal's lair could have similar stuff hanging down from the ceiling on great big hooks:

    When I'm looking at your lair thumbnail (I know it's not 'the' one), it gives the impression of this space being quite 'domestic' - the size of someone's living room, for example. I think you need to think much bigger - higher ceilings, more 'slabs' of ice and struts of ice - because you're drawing in a slightly marshmallowy way that is making everything look rather too friendly and 'toony'. I suggest you look at ice formations and derive your interior architecture from splinters, and slabs and great chunks of ice - this cannibal is no eskimo!

    The same is true of your throne... I'd like to see you trying out a few more variations before settling - as your current throne is a bit generic really, as I don't think you're truly exploiting yet the full potential of a) all that ice, and b) all those bones:

    Come on George, I want to see you really push your creative thinking here - don't settle - innovate!

    1. Thanks Phill your advice has opened my imagination. :)