Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Minor Project : Updated Idea

For my minor project i have decided to create a short story animation on the story of my dad who sadly passed away in 2005. He was a loving and caring father. was also an artist. this story will narrate from how my parents met to my mum travelling to England in pursuing of her career as things started going down hill.

This story would be told from my perspective and will also be voiced my me. It will also feature 4 Characters. Adult George, Young George, Mum and Dad.

Visual Style
After sharing my idea with my mentor he advised me to look at how stories of people are told in a more creative way through stylized animation by StoryCorps. I was excited with this idea, thought it would make more sense visually to the audience in getting the story across.

Visual Example 

I was also thinking about how i wanted to present the characters - how they should look. the idea that came to mind was to have the characters exaggerated. I started looking at caricature which is a rendered image showing the features of its subject in an exaggerated. This style will present the characters in a less realistic way and more cartoony. this style will only be applying  from the neck all the way to the legs keeping the head a bit normal as well as having some cartoon features.

 During this process i was also thinking about ways these characters would be modeled. as I'm using caricature most parts of the character will be exaggerated, less shapes and curves and longer limbs.

The plan is to get the pre-production sorted enabling me to use the other half of the term to focus on the animation.

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