Friday, 17 October 2014

minor Project: Storyboard

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  1. Hey George :) This must be a strange process for you... I admire you for undertaking this project. Proud of you actually. I felt emotion just flicking through these pages. Good work. I look forward to your animatic. Make sure you think about additional sound effects too; really think about all the opportunities for sound-design present in your film - and not just the obvious stuff.

    In terms of the ending, I wonder if you could get a tiny bit 'meta' - in so much as we see your dad sitting beside you as put the finishing touches to *this* animation - he's not beside you on a sofa, he's beside you at your desk as you complete this animation? It seems to make for a more positive ending - you, an animator, while your dad sits beside you, watching you, as you watched him as a child.