Monday, 17 February 2014

Adaption Part B: Dialogue Idea

For my adaptation part B speaking with my tutors and myself have now come to a conclusion of doing an animation to an extracted dialogue from YouTube/interview or films, but the idea is to have a twist as to what the dialogue is about and to what the animation is presenting.
below I've chosen different dialogues of which might be interesting to animate to.

The Interview
Here's an Interview of Usain Bolt that i edited and cut short, picked bits to make him sound cocky and knowing that his the best and fastest. As for the animation I was thinking of having a snail being interviewed but rather than showing the interviewer the facial and body expressions will show that there is someone talking to to the snail and also having the snail looking at the audience from time. and the little joke is that we all know snails are slow but then a snail expressing that "He's the fastest" but we all know that's false.

Eating all the Food
Listening to this Dialogue i had an idea of to bins talking to each other, one being a recycle bin and the other eating all the food is the food bin. 

Your Fired

I Have a Gun

As for the rest of these dialogues i believe that they have a potential of being a funny animation e.g 'Your Fired' could be two books talking or an ice cube holding a lit match stick pointing and waving around which then melts him in the end, Other than that The Interview seems strong to me but feel free to leave a comment/idea.


  1. Hey George :)

    The only thing about 'the snail' idea is Turbo got there first in terms of the joke. I think a tortoise could be funny though... (because of the 'Tortoise and the Hare' story obviously...)

  2. Thanks Phill that's a good idea, I did think of it but I was looking at the modelling aspect of it. I also looked at other slow animals like Seahorses or Starfish (could be set underwater).