Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Adaptation B: Figuring My Charcater

Following the twist of my animation to the dialogue, my character would be the exact opposite of everything that is being said in the dialogue. Since its Usian Bolt (The faster man on earth) is being interviewed, my character would have to be the slowest - visually. To do this I have decided to take on the idea of making my character a tortoise which we all know are pretty slow and sluggish. the challenge is making my character not any other turtle but yet simple and easy to rig and animate. The idea of having some exaggerated parts of the turtle seems appealing, I mean - a tortoise with a HUGE head, skinny neck and tiny legs wouldn't be able to move as quick let alone have the straight to lift its head up. that aside, I was also thinking about mixing slow creatures together to form the ultimate slowest creature like a snail tortoise (a Snailutle ) maybe with Nike shoes on.
Also looking at the color and style of the animation its obvious that its a Jamaican accent, so looking at the green and yellow colors would be preferable to fit my character. The style of my animation would be something like Creature Comfort, since its an interview the setting would also be important in the animation.


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