Friday, 15 March 2013

Fntastic Voyage: Animatic

Here is the animatic for how my animation. Its missing sound effects which i still have to add. As my animation will be driven by the voice over (which is in process) i couldn't get the timing and the speed of the animation during the changing scenes and slow-mo, I've also annotated and described the structures as little as possible but yet understandable.


  1. Hey George - you need to think about how your animation actually 'begins' and 'ends' - in simple terms, do we fade in from black before we see the cell - is their a title - and likewise at the end of the film - do we, for example, return back to the first image of the cell? Yes, you're dealing with the content and it's getting there, but you need to POLISH this experience for your client - and polish is something your work has sometimes lacked in the past; it's all been a bit slapdash, and instead, I want you and your work to impress (I hear your Contextual studies presentation was less than impressive, for example...). So, think about what your client might expect from you - not what you expect from you (which is often not enough!). This animatic is working in terms of getting the basics over, but it IS too basic - for example, you've got a mix of hand-written labels and text (make a choice!) and let's get some colour in there - remember, it's a PRESENTATION ANIMATIC for pitch day - which this isn't. Onwards, George, onwards...

  2. Read carefully!