Friday, 19 October 2012

Space & Environment: Thumbnail (House)

The Image below is one of the thumbnails that I have chosen to develop on as one of the final concepts.
I've added shades and details to this thumbnail bringing the house to life and to also visualize how the house would look like with its environment.  


  1. Exciting George - well done for moving it along - but, in composition terms, just be aware of creating 'dead space' - for example the top right corner with the tree - if you squint at your thumbnail, you'll see that it just reads as a void and not as visual information. You need to ensure everything is contributing. Onwards, George, upwards! :) I look forward to seeing more on here soon.

  2. It's good to see new works from you, George : )
    I think that if you work on this piece a little bit more, it will be a very good final piece.
    To everything that Phil wrote I'd like to add one more thing - think about the lightning around the windows. If you want them to be purely white give the viewers a hint of "why they are so white". Maybe light beams on the ground, or some feathering around the window frames.
    I'm encouraging you to trying different ideas and ways of achieving the "spooky mood" : )
    Good luck and keep it up!