Saturday, 28 December 2013

Character Design: Sidekick Designs

The Sidekick in the story plays the role of helping the hero, setting up his weapons and as the hero sets out to find tools, he brings them back to the sidekick which he then combines all the tools together to create a special weapon for the hero.
From early designs, I and Justin came to a conclusion that the sidekick would be a turtle. early designs made the sidekick look muscular which didn't suit the role of which the turtle is playing.

Since the turtle will be creative and creating thing, i made him look geeky with glasses and giving him  the goofy look. also went on trying other look making him look cool smart.

This designs shows him with an engineering hat and goggles for which he wears when he gets to work. I drew different head shapes to suit the personality of the character, the turtle is one to be cocky, he knows all and well creative but when it comes to fight he's the type to pretend like he knows how to fight but actually couldn't. Number 3 looks like that could be my turtle.  

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