Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Character Design Exercise

In this weeks exercise for the character design project, we learnt the different shapes that could define a character. we learnt that there are three types of shapes which are circle, square and triangles.
Circle is a shape used in drawing for friendly characters, used to show weight. Squares shapes in a character shows that the character has strength, confidence, balance. this shape is mostly used in heroic characters. Triangular shapes are uses in villain's, to show that's a character is evil, harmful and sharp with balance.
with the exercise I draw batman. I turned batman from what seems to be squares and triangles on the right  to more of a square and circle shape on the left, making him look more friendly. 
Avatar The Last Air Bender is a cartoon aimed at teens. Even as simplified as the character was I took it from the level it was and simplified it even more taking out all the details but still keeping the pose. 

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