Friday, 28 September 2012

Space & Environment (Influence Map)


  Influence Map

 After reading The Haunted of the Hill House and done some research it enlarged my idea I got some visuals that the house and everything round the house would be alive. 

In the images below I have put together my influence map which shows how I believe the house and the environment would look like, on the right it shows the environment and how I believe it would look like and on the left shows things like the house, knockers and doors.

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  1. Hey George - great to see some posts getting starting, 'cos I got the feeling that you were worried and 'over-thinking' the early stages of this project - you've broken the ice, well done! Just maybe give your presentation a bit more thought - for example, make a decision to centralise your images; also, you should consider putting a proper profile image on here - again, think like a professional, like someone seeking to make a good first impression and get their face 'out there'.

    You may have looked at this already, but there is a great movie adaptation of Hill House, which you should familiarise yourself with:

    In terms of researching in a more focused way, you should consider looking more generally at the architectural styles associated with the age of the house as described in the book - don't just look at haunted houses or spooky houses, just get the period detail right (window shapes, proportions, materials etc), because once you've got these 'real world' elements sorted, you can work more expressionistically to bring out some of the distortions that Jackson describes. Likewise, for the interiors, where things like pattern and wallpaper is described, go and do some period detail research, so you can be completely comfortable - and not designing generically. Be confident, George - and always, always, refer to the real world first....